'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

a bit of a blah weekend

I dunno, I'm extra-lazy-feeling, and haven't been doing much with my "free" time this weekend.  Lotsa hanging about, unmotivated, with whiffs of abando-bereftitude swirling about (how threatening/near it is I never know).  I'm hoping that'll change this afternoon, when I get out in the world, where it's sunny and a relatively balmy 40-some degrees F, and maybe I won't be able to smell it for a while.

The days off started well, with a short work day on Friday and a trip to see Isle of Dogs.  Which was a bunch of pleasures all at once.  How much can I not like any weekend that started that way?

Then yesterday, on the way to another failed attempt at JoAnn's to find some fabric I'd want to make into a curtain for my front door, I stopped spontaneously to check out the new strip mall poke place (we finally got one).  That was one super-tasty rice bowl of freshie fresh food, and I didn't do too bad chopsticking it, considering I haven't used chopsticks in years.  Next time maybe the ramen.  A sushi burrito doesn't appeal to me.

Maybe there'll be some highlight of today I haven't yet dreamed of.  I bet it'll be out in the world if there is.  So I should get dudded up and get to it, yes?  Me and good-a dog.  Let's do it.  Let's stir something up, and chase these blahs away.

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