'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

her sister called

I was at the sink, peeling asparagus for a frittata (yeah, you can peel asparagus) (it's controversial, but I like the lack of "tooth" you end up with), when the cell phone, which happened to be in my pocket, rang. The little display told me who was calling.

Seems she had that number stored in her phone as H's cell, and that was the only number she had for her. I dutifully gave her the woman's current contact #s, after having mustered a "good, I guess" in answer to her query about how I'm doing. Then I asked after the kids. A. is going to be going to kindergarten this year. I can hardly believe that. I mean, it's not been THAT long since I saw her children. I guess I could have figured out that he must have turned 5 this spring. . .

Since I had comp'ny coming for brunch, I managed to turn off the water works in short enough order. The sad feeling lasted much longer, though, and when I told my guests about the call, it welled up all over again.

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