'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

hello from ferret-sitting

I don't reckon I have the perfect icon for this occasion.

The ferrets are amusing and crazy and quite unlike other "traditional" house pets in so many ways that it's a little shocking when one of 'em goes to scratch an ear just like any dog or cat. Mostly it's a gas to see what positions their bodies get into (whether they're running or climbing or standing or wriggling in some bizarre way) and what they seem to find interesting/entertaining. They do relate to people, too. And I love how much their owners love 'em. It's contagious, I swear to goddess.

And now, for something completely different, meaningless rambling of a vaguely psychological nature:

Been thinking for a day or so about the down sides of heartlessness. Oh, that's not really the best word for the state/attitude I mean to refer to, as the term has such horrid connotations, and I don't mean to call up all that. I just lack a good word or phrase for this stance, this approach, this world view or person view or people view. Nonetheless I've been pondering on't cuz a new aspect of its consequences has presented itself to me.

I'm pretty well acquainted these days with what can suck about heartfulness, or whatever the other end of that spectrum would be called. I guess if you put it on a Kinsey-size scale, I'd be about a 5 or a 1, depending which end is which. (Kinsey goes zero to 6.) Presumably I know some of the benefits, or I wouldn't locate myself over here. And I see motivations to go toward the other end, and rewards (of sorts) it offers to people who sell their souls to it. What's new is that I've gotten a glimspe of a new aspect of the deluded hell one can end up in down that line, and I'm squinting at it through these old-prescription lenses, trying to make it out more clearly.

Suddenly, a voice breaks in:

"Hey, Lisa, how about waiting to write about this until you can, uh, SAY something??"

Yeah, I'm with you. This fuzzy claptrap is the worst kind of writing there is, apart from, oh, flat-out hate speech or pro-Bush-Administration rhetoric. (ha)

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