'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

more roadside postcards

Penna Turnpike


"Located at the Main St. entrance to Battle Creek. Convenient to the City and cereal plants as well
as Swimming, Riding, Boating, Golf, all less than 1 mile away. Accomodate up to four persons---
living-room bedroom---combinations; carpeted floors, individually controlled automatic heat,
garage and switchboard phone service. All with TV. Special winter rates. Phone WO 2-8568."

</center>If I knew the room were still there just like this, I'd book it for the weekend. Beautiful. (Despite what H. would probably say.)</center>

Wagon Wheel

"In Bowling Green, Ohio, it's The Wagon Wheel on highway U. S. 25. A fine place to eat
and plenty of free parking space. Where service is quick and food is good."

Coffee Cup

I don't actually have this postcard---it just came up on my screen saver
a few minutes ago. Prob'bly nabbed the image offa eBay or somethin'.

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