'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

waxing crescent, misty foggy night 2

Wings of Desire is about to come on my TV.  I've probably gone on here before about the double feature of Wings of Desire and Babette's Feast that changed my life.  Maybe I'll tell you about it tomorrow anyway.  Right now, fresh in from a foggy cinematic B&W-feelin' late-night dog walk, I'm about to go to surreal angelic B&W Berlin, but first I'm gonna tell you I started a tumblr today for pictures from my phone.  I have pix in there from as long ago as 2009, so, as part of my going through them (and as a reason to), I'm going to post one from each week, starting in July of 2009.  I like the way tumblr lets you set up a queue, so posts come out at set times, and you do nothing.  So, if you're interested, it's

and I've set up a livejournal feed for it at https://phonephotos.livejournal.com.

 "New" pictures will drop around 8:30 in the morning, Eastern.
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