'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

not starting right back up

Today's the first day of the new leave year at work.  I was aiming to go back to not using any leave for a while, socking it away.  But I've had a headache and ended up skipping work, and don't know yet whether I'll rouse myself in a coupla hours for the choreography rehearsal for chorus (which can be fun, even tho people don't much like the choreography thing, on the whole).  Was it too much wee-hours snow shoveling in the very cold?  Or ingesting a fair amount of chocolate?  Or having weird intense dreams with (I think) espionage?  Or none of the above?  Headaches are mysteries.  Today's is letting up, tho.  Huzzah.

I remembered yesterday that I had had the hope that I might hear from someone on or near Christmas, and how that connected to a whole sort of bargainy calendar thinking I really should be too embarrassed to think about, let alone talk about.  But, y'know, fuck shame.  And (oy) there's still New Year's.

Jumped the gang into the Fifth Avenue Anti--Stuffed Shirt and Flying Trapeze Club.

Ugh, time to get the dog out again.  There's no hibernating when one of your family members has to do her business outside.

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