'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

meeting up again shortly

Date w/H. in less than an hour.

The last coupla times I've seen her have been both much better than I could have hoped and very sad. It's such a sad business. (And one of the least appealing sorts of things to be reading about on your friends list, I'm sure.) Perhaps I should just post lyrics from country songs about being cut off from the one you love.

In a curious way, it was easier to take when she was being hostile. And dang if I hadn't just decided I was thoroughly peeved and was going to stop being good to her, when there she was at the door, reminding me again of what I adored about her to begin with.

In other news, I was catsitting yesterday where they have cable television and, flipping channels, who should I see but infinitepresent, right there on the TV.

I was like, "Hey, look! It's D.!"---but the cats were unimpressed.
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