'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Not everything went as planned this weekend, but I surely did like when ...

Not everything went as planned this weekend. I got plenty of exercise, despite feeling like I might be fighting off another bug, and sometimes having zippo for energy, all of a sudden. I skipped seeing one sorta-art film. Didn't stain-seal any steps, tho the weather was great for that sort of thing. But got several chores done. And I surely did like when the Billie Jeaned Emma Stone felt the mutual heat of connection with a woman, went ahead & went for it, had her glasses off, did pillow talk, cared, and let herself be cared for that way, such as she did, and the glasses.

I'm using the phone app so not giving a postcard today, but let's see if I can include an e. e.:


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