I'm about to head out to be boosted.

Guess I'd better put some clothes on.

The stove came.  There was one big "uh-oh" blunder reveal that really threw me for a loop, but I can now at least imagine laughing about it in the future.  And I have an idea for turning the intense sourness into some better-than-water lemonade that could really hit the spot I didn't even know was there.

Tomorrow I audition Shit Show for the cabaret.  Hope I'm not all side-effected out.

After suggesting that it might be quite a while actually, corporate* just up and posted out job opening, just hours after I put in for a whole buncha days off in the next stretch of weeks.  Maybe I can still take 'em off, though.  Not being the trainer frees up all kindsa time.  Still, it's gonna be busy, with evals and hiring at the same time.  There's also a ramping up of how much we're expected to be in the office, days-per-weekly.

In TV happenings, I'm re-watching the last season of Insecure, cuz it's about to start up with its final season.  Insecure holds up to re-watching real well.  It's dense, which is great not so much cuzza the economical storytelling but, I dunno, cuzza something about there being something about that something-in-every-scene thing.

Yikes, gotta get dressed.  Later, gators!

* "Home office" didn't seem right.  Remind me to tell you sometime, maybe friends-only, about the poisons at the croquet game.

Bow Tie Tuesday

Hey, it's Bow Tie Tuesday.

I'm all busy and everything, but at the moment I'm on hold with the store I've been getting vaccinated with.  They prompted me to come in for a booster, but there are apparently duplicate "me"s in their system, and to get scheduled I have to talk to a human to get my doppleganger removed.  So while I'm waiting, I give you today's tie.

I'm all about a booster, baby.  Bring it on.  So much less masking around here, and it's about to get cold.  I had an idea I might shell out to join the rec center at WCC, with its nice new machines and warm salt water pool, but the way the numbers look around here, with all those bare faces, inside is feeling scarier.  I mean, I'm going to chorus, and everyone being vaccinated & wearing masks there can only do so much, yet there is something about how vaccinated people are perhaps on the whole more cautious, or precaution-taking when required to be, anyhow.  When we do sectionals in a smaller room, I've been opening windows.

Gotta get some food in me and get back to work now, and then tonight do more to be ready for the handyperson who used to be in chorus, who's going to finish the cabinet-cutting job it turned out I couldn't handle, as there was more complicated cabinet structure to be gotten rid of than I'd initially realized.  But I got a Dremel tool in the process of looking into it (and he may use that to do the precise cut through the laminate)---there are lots of uses for those little rotary wonders.

Then the long-awaited and longer-planned-for-and-saved-for stove comes Thursday afternoon.  Just in time for the colder weather.  I am SO going to bake bread, baby!  Will find excuses to use the oven a lot, early on, I imagine.  It will also "air fry".  Maybe for tater tots?  I do like tater tots.  They feel like decadent little treats.  At Sonic drive-ins, you can get them with American cheese slighty melted on them.  They're not too hot when they hand 'em to you, either, so you can just start poppin' in to your mouth right away.

Yeah, I'm hungry.

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