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Postcard of the Day


another Saturday night

I'm staying in on this one.  My knees and foot are suddenly grumpy today, after a good long stretch of all of us contently moving about the world.  So instead of yardwork after the grocery store after a side trip after the recovery meeting, I put the groceries away, made some food, sat down a while, watched the first half of Gandhi, took a long shower, taped my knees and put my foot in its splint thing. I also rolled up and tucked into a wire tray next to each other the garnerings of the aforementioned side trip:  more fabric for bow ties.  Yes, I was down to the last half of the last bow tie I'd bought stuff to make, and I guess I'm not done making them yet.  My phone, asked where there was cloth for sale around me, came through with some less than a mile away, in an awfully bland-looking building to go by the name of Pink Castle Fabrics.

A big part of the fun of making bow ties is having a reason to browse bolts of material, looking only for what pleases me.  I think there is a powerful therapy in such a thing.

I itch to show you a snapshot of my findings, but you'll see some of them soon enough, in tie form.  No spoilers.

Today Ken Jennings tweeted "Maybe this is a midlife crisis but I decided to put a spoiler on the back of my car", with a picture of the rear end of a Chevy hatchback emblazoned in block letters spelling out BRUCE WILLIS WAS DEAD ALL ALONG.

I talked to Tracy this afternoon briefly, and for some reason I wanted to tell her how Amazon had sent me the wrong thing--- not 12 filters for my CPAP machine, but 12 gross, smelly little cardboard boxes, stinking through the plastic surrounding them, of dead cricket snacks, in various flavors.  Part of the disgust was in the surprise, no doubt, and the contrast between something I expected to help me breathe clean air at night and these very unclean-seeming dry dead stenchflakes.  But under other circumstances I'd likely still find it hard to imagine anyone would want to eat those horrid little things, outta those tawdry little boxes, except on a dare on a late-stage-capitalist TV show.  Even if they didn't stink.

I did wonder, until I checked my email, whether this bizarre package was the mistaken substitution it turned out to be, versus some kind of prank package.  Dead cricket snacks would be a good thing to send to harrass someone via the US Mail.  But no.

One nice idea, though not really nice but at least solidarity nice, is that disgruntled workers started sending out dead cricket snacks on every order, on their way out the door in protest of working conditions.  Like maybe they looked around to find the best bizarre gross item they had in mass quantities, and settled on dead cricket snacks in various flavors.  They could cost Amazon a lot with that enactment of grievance.

Andrew Gillum just conceded.  So neither he nor Ben Jealous nor the phenomenal Stacy Abrams will be a governor soon.  But we won anyway.  Y'know?  It helps to be watching Gandhi when this is happening.  It's impossible not to see their campaigns as grand successes, despite the losing part.  It's also a great time to hear the big-picture big-optimism big idea we often associate with MLK, Jr., in this Gandhi rendition:  "Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.”

I did go to the Amy Ray show, btw.  I had a good time.  I also got a little discombobulated.  And there was a virtuoso banjo player--- or virtuosa.  Virtuos-x.  :)  And there was one song dedicated to Stacy Abrams.

Postcard of the Day


Postcard of the Day


Postcard of the Day


Bow Tie Tuesday

The ties are dwindlin' down.  We'll be on reruns soon.  But there should be two more before that happens.

This one is the first diamond-tip I've made.  It's a little more shimmery than it looks here, with the white petals (or whatever those are) sorta silvery and shiny.  Mostly I liked the colors and the shapes.  And their arrangement.  And how they might work with the diamond-tip schtick.

Training at work continues apace, keeping me busier in a multiple-balls-in-the-air way than I usually am, with a heapin' helpin' of trying to keep up.  But it's fun, even with frustrations and adjustments and rusty parts of the brain firing up.

I'm supposed to go see an Indigo Girl tomorrow night (Amy, though I forget which one is Amy) (not a big fan, obviously), but I'm debating giving away the ticket, or just blowing it off; right now it feels like I'd rather just go home and make myself a nice dinner and visit with the cats and watch some TV and sew on the one other bow tie I still have in the pipeline.  Maybe even finish switching out the summer clothes from my closet shelves.

Somehow this reminds me of an Onion video I saw this morning, Tips for Overcoming a Panic Attack.  The first one is "Avoid things that may trigger your panic, like social gatherings, workplaces, the news, and personal relationships of any kind."   Ha and ha, right?  Ha.  Complex chuckle.

It snowed again.  Another early-season, wet snow, whispering "Get uuuuuused to it, Lisa. If not now, soon."  Harbingers of the long frozen season are perhaps prompting some of my interest in curling up in a ball in my heated house with my heating-pad cats.



Sunday doings

I declared myself done with the yardwork after I finished the tree cuttings and filled up the rest of the bag and bin with leaves.  Coulda done more leaves, or gone out back & worked more on what's back there, but this was enough.  I still have other chores to get to, after all.  Plus I deserve a break.  And I have enough laid out for the compost truck that the hefters might already be annoyed with the pickup as is.  Here's a shot of "done", plus a coupla Prisma-ed versions that sorta make it look like I live out on the prairie somewhere.


Except that there wouldn't be compost pick-up out there.  And I'd be, like, using the lumber to expand the barn, or the house, for more room, what with more children coming.

Prisma has fewer variations it'll give you on yer photo, now that it has an optional paid version.

I think I'm more spent than I thought I was. Will have to rally for the rest of the trash/recycling, and getting fluids in the cat.  Fortunately I have some options for an e-z dinner.

Manny was unusually cooperative with claw cutting today.  I rewarded him with catnip.  He's sleeping it off now, and it looks like a good idea to me.

There was a cat in the movie last night, Can You Forgive Me?, that I spent much of the film bracing myself for something bad to happen to.  I also didn't know there was alcoholism in the film, or "hard drinking," if you prefer.  The character of the drunk gay friend reminded me of my now-dead friend Tommy Thompson.  He sure helped jump some of us into a sort of drug-and-drink haze of DC queerness in my 20s.  He seemed so fun.  Then, as time went by, he seemed more caustic and hostile, and less and less present with broader realities.  Toward the end he'd write me long kvetching letters that also seemed funny, until they didn't.  In one I remember he said something about AA and how of course he wasn't going to do that on account of not wanting to associate himself with those (something like) pathetic losers in church basements.

I'm not entirely unsympathetic.  Who'd want to face dealing with things when dealing with things looms so large and overwhelming and serious and un-fun, and maybe you have another option?

I just had a brilliant idea which has distracted me from this subject, however:  I will take off the bra!  And put on that sweatshirt over there!!  It will be glorious.  I am a genius.  What's so strange when you know that you're at wizard at 4:57?  I say that this was meant to be.

Postcard of the Day



Postcard of the Day


midweek yardwork & HEL-lo, Elijah

I took yesterday afternoon off to work in the yard, and was aiming to take this afternoon off to, but ended up taking the whole day off, cuz last night I took a painkiller (uncharacteristically hours before bed) and ended up staying up half the night in a fuzzy kind of indulgence.  So this afternoon I did yardwork again.  Haven't taken a painkiller yet tonight, tho.

I'm well over half done cleaning up what the tree guy down the street cut out of one of my big maples (which was a lot).  I'm also getting closer to having cleared the pathway portion of the second big brush heap out back, and if I can get that finished by the end of the compost pick-up year, I can be okay with that.  I mean, it'd be nice to finish the whole heap, but I've cleared SO much back there already.

There are also leaves galore, and bunches of buckthorn volunteers I need to tend to before winter.  At least the ones where there are bulbs that sprout in the Spring.

At the curb now:  3 bags of twigs and probably 8 or 9 bundles of branches.  The big compost bin's almost full.  This is good, cuz we're heading in to a stretch of days with highs in the 30s (they've been in the 40s recently, with some 50s not very long ago).

So one day of work at work, tomorrow, to finish the week.  Catch up with one of the trainees.  Or maybe both of them.

Elijah Cummings is on my TV.  Back before he was in Congress, when he was in the Maryland House of Delegates, he visited a class I was teaching at the community college in Baltimore.  The students liked him a lot.  Sometimes when he wanted to emphasize something he'd just said, he'd say (right after he said said thing) "Hello!", with the accent on the first syllable.  Kinda like an "A-men".  It was cool, and for the rest of the time that class ran, this one student (I want to say Omar) used "Hello!" that same way, off and on.

Sadly I haven't seen Representative Cummings do it on TV even once, but I suppose that's no big surprise.  He's a dignatary now.  HEL-lo.

Postcard of the Day


Bow Tie Tuesday

It's not just Bow Tie Tuesday.  It's Bow Tie Tuesday and the midterm election following the election of Trump.

My polling place was pretty darned busy.  The only time it was busier in my experience was the first Obama election.  I'm nervous.  I just saw a link saying that the NYT "needle" is back and will be livegauging the House & Senate.  I mean, that's not as interesting as the horrifying needle was last time.  But some vague recollection of trauma came back to me, having stared at that increasingly distressing needle a coupla years ago.

Let's hope tonight is as bubbly as my tie.


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