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Postcard of the Day

I almost forgot it was the day I was gonna post these on.

Bonus Pink Panther
back here...Collapse )

Bow Tie Tuesday

Hey, I forgot to post for Bow Tie Tuesday.  So here's the belated post.  (The tie was a rerun.)

Gee, what was I being contemplative about yesterday.  Hmmm.  Well I had sewing class.  The instructor steered us all wrong on one step, so our initial project little bags will have a seam on the bottoms from the inversion gap, instead of in their linings.  But that's not a big deal.  She's a little spotty as a teacher, but pleasant, and I'll take happily take that over the reverse.

Got the latest blood work results in front of my dr's appt tomorrow.  Some ticks in the wrong direction on a few categories, but that doesn't really surprise me; I've gotten a lot less exercise this winter, my first in a long time without a dog getting me out there and moving.  I have a list of things to ask the doc about, mostly related to one aspect of self-care I am newly bolder about.  I get bolder and bolder that way, it seems.

It's been snowing all day.  That's nice.  I slept in, and solidly, once I finally went to sleep.  That was nice too.  We had the annual medical benefits meeting at work.  That's never nice, but it coulda been worse.  (Please do not interpret this paragraph so far as suggesting that I advocate for adjudicating all observations as nice or not nice, or otherwise good v. bad.)  During the meeting, I made a list of ways I take better care of myself than my folks did.  It's a lot of ways.  Encouraging.  Y'know, like when the impulse toward harshness with myself arises.

The city has a new survey out today.  How much do we want to spend to make the trains not blow their horns near the rich people living in old factories or other downtown buildings that look like old factories?  Here are our choices:
   (1) $6.69 million;
   (2) $7.15 million;
   (3) $7.91 million;
   (4) $2.5 million plus $4.6 million, stretched out;
   (5) $0.
Guess which I picked?  Hint: I hope my fellows will express okayness with train horns, in large numbers.

I got a ZOZO suit in the mail, for measurements for (their very basic) custom clothes.  Looks like fun.

Also the sewing machine I've been in line for at the library is waiting for me.  I have a week to pick it up before I use it for a month.  I aim to haul my mom's outta the basement and see what it'd cost to get it tuned up.  It seems people debate whether old sewing machines are good or not.  Mom's is a cool-lookin' one.  It was one of Singer's first zig-zag machines for home use.  But it uses special needles.  And I have to find the foot pedal, too, which I'm storing I'm-not-sure-where.
(That's where I store a lot of things, unfortunately.)

Lately I've been going through old papers, getting rid of a lot.  Tell ya more about some of my findings that-a-way later, maybe.



Postcard of the Day


Postcard of the Day


Postcard of the Day


Postcard of the Day


Shoes are clothes.

Most people voting think so, anyhow.  (The "I do" option was a mistake, btw.  I started to offer "I don't know" [since I didn't know] but then wanted y'all's authoritative opinions.  :) )

That's all!

Bow Tie Tuesday

Tonight was the lucky 3rd try:  we actually had our first sewing class.  I don't know that I could duplicate the drawing up of the thread from the bobbin yet, without assistance, at least from the manual, but i did get the machine threaded and succeeded in doing a little sewing.  It was rather a thrill.

Most of my classmates also have/had mothers who used sewing machines.  Some of them also wore things Mom made, when they were young, as I did.  Some were also intimidated by the machine.  I got a laugh out of them, describing the shirt I made in jr. high.  No injuries were sustained, and I think all will be back next week.

It's the State of the Union night.  Ugh.  I'm going to watch the premiere of "American Soul" instead.  Lotsa old R&B, suave Don Cornelius, and amazing dancing, plus clothes and hair.  And shoes?  I mean, I know they'll have shoes, but are shoes part of clothes?

Poll #2089609 Are shoes clothes?

Are shoes clothes?

I do

I lean toward skipping a Detroit thing Friday.  Don't have to decide just yet.  Do need to call the health insurance people and nail down a few things.  Like finding out whether the singles* vaccine is covered.  I don't look forward to wrangling that stuff.  But I'm doing it cuz you gotta do what you gotta do to take care of yourself, girl, right girl? right girl.

Our City Council last night resolved that the citizenry should boycott Wendy's.  I get the issue involved, but it still seems funny to me.  So specific.  Tho it could be moreso.  Cuz they are asking us to boycott the single with cheese, and the Frosty, and the chicken-and-somethin' watery salad, and the chili they make out of the old burgers.  So it'd be even funnier if the resolution mentioned stuff like that.

The cat wants to walk on the keyboard now, so I conclude this post.

*shingles  (but it was funnier as I typed it)

P.S.  The tie is a rerun.



Postcard of the Day

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Postcard of the Day

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