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Bow Tie Tuesday

I'm not throwing away my shot.  I'm not throwing away my shot, but I don't have much of a sense of where to aim.  Yet, like my country, I'm old and tired, and figure what the fuck.

Today is the first time in all my years that I've ever negotiated a salary, in keeping with gender stereotype.

But there's a bow tie, in bucking it.

And Collapse )  Screenshot from morning meeting.

So far so good with the new schedule.  After a walk with Peter at Furstenburg this late-aft/eve, I've spent much of the evening on work (and on that salary thing).  Now I want a full measure of leisure.  And I'm pretty much never ready to go to bed at a "reasonable" hour.

We'll see.
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Postcard of the Day

Today's Postcard of the Day is in honor of the post I did over at vintage_ads, where today people are posting ads with busses (along with ads with fads).  As I show there, I had the Matchbox of this bus as a kid.  As I didn't say there, one time I was holding it up outside Great Aunt Louise's, on The Paseo in KC, and a bus just like it drove by behind it.  :)
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Our county just passed 3000 cases of the virus, and other thoughts.

It's up to .0817 percent of the population.  So that's slightly over 8 in 1000, or 4 in 500, or 2 in 250, or 1 in 125.  And the curve's steadily rising.


At least we're, uh, consistent?

I guess I gotta decide if my next doc's appt will be in person.  I'm sure she wouldn't mind drawing blood.  And I need to go back and get the first shingles shot again, since I didn't get the 2nd one soon enough after it.  And I want a flu shot.  Maybe I could just get the flu shot at a drug store.  Dunno which is riskier.

Didn't go to stand in the street in Ypsi tonight for return-to-chorus first practice.  There was a livestream I was late to.  I mean, maybe I oughta go next weel?  On the other hand, I've been working so long at being cautious, and I really don't want the virus if I can help it, and precautions are how to try to help it.  But then there'll only be a few of these in-person opportunities.  But then, it's hardly essential.  But then there they are, and I'm jealous. (I could go back and forth forever, like in the old favorite [philosophical] book from my childhood, Fortunately.)  (What an unfortunately foundational book for a neurotically cog-turning child.)

I did go over to Esch Park briefly in the late afternoon to write a coupla postcards, and walked down the block and back.

Made a written schedule for myself yesterday, as if I were Supernanny swooping in to my own life, and started that today.  I struggle with routine.  Have a core resistance at it, even, or one so old it feels innate.  But I did it today, pretty close.  Trying it for a week and then reassessing.

Really oughta re-stain the front steps this fall.  They've peeled off a good bit.  The kitchen painting project seems like too much.  Guess I could just paint the cabinet doors and put them back on the dirty background for the winter.  That'd be something.  So what if it'd mean some wasted work of having to unscrew the hinges, take 'em down, and rehang them a second time?  If I get on it, I could even paint them outside, so the ventilation part would be covered easily.  And I wouldn't be getting pink paint on two nosey young felines who have to stick their noses in anything.

Today was my first day as (not-yet-official) boss.  So, like, lots of extra responsibility and no extra pay.  All the tedious tedium that was in my old workday plus a lot of tedium that was in Tracy's.  In the middle of the afternoon she texted me about some more of the cushy benefits at her new gig.  But it did occur to me that I can declare some editorial policy in some of the little copy ed things she didn't see my way.  If I can come up with some.  Besides the one little honoring Arthur thing that made me think of it.

There's some satisfaction in taking care of old & problem things, just myself, poof.  And I bet I can get the hang of delegating.  Right now I mostly want (1) not to scare my fellows, in this tricky time for us, and (2) to make sure everyone gets paid.  These seem like great starting foci.
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This is oddly very nice

I have windows open, despite the chill, cuz the kitten's getting to explore new ones today, and a little bit ago I suddenly heard someone warming up with scales on a tuba.  And now there's a group of low brass instruments--- or at least two, tho I think three--- practice-playing Simple Gifts (" 'Tis a gift to be simple, 'tis a gift to be free....") in a slow and sorta charmingly plodding rudimentary way.

It seems almost defiant in its modest insistence on joy, with all the shit going on in the world.

Could be down on Jarod's porch.  There's music there sometimes  Shall I get shod and investigate?  I do need to get out of the house.  But it's, y'know, frankly, wonderful, just as it is.
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Looked down from my work just now and saw this sleepy kitty.

He'd tried on a bra!  Ha.

            Shamus in bra.jpg

Note those second eyelids.  That's what you get from a morning of romping and chasing springy-springs all over the place.

I only have a little bit more of the place to kitten proof for him.

Big goodbye Zoom coming up in a little bit.  It's been a busy week, and next week'll no doubt be busier.