Bow Tie Tuesday

Hey, I actually have on a bow tie today.  And a new bow tie.

Still coughing.  But not as much.

It's chorus concert week.  This show will always remind me of the anti-"queer" homos.  And the counting of the "queers".

There's a (great) song in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend called "It Was a Shit Show."  I relate to that song more than I wish I did.  But in the show, which was broadcast on CW, the censors decided they could be okay with 2 bleeped "shit"s, but not 3.  Even with the bleeping.  They had a 2-bleeped-"shit" threshold.  That's why, at the end of the song, as they guy singing it heads up an escalator into the sunset, he doesn't sing the last "shit show".  It was cuz the network was counting "shit"s.

I still can hardly believe the LGBTQ chorus president was counting "queer"s, in largely the same way.  Like more is worse.  Like even if we'll allow it, there needs to be a threshhold.

That said, it's fun to be getting the show together and learning the last bits of the songs and prepping the patter for people.  My favorite moment is almost surely going to be "Children Will Listen."  But the arrangement of "Skyfall" we're doing is fab, and that song itself is extra-mile good.  It's the bridge.  The bridge puts it over into the sublime.  Ain't that often the case?  Lord love a good bridge.  It's supposed to be an aside, but, like many asides, it ends up being the best part of all.

Hey, I'm posting again.

I saw a mouse.  Then I noticed that Manny had apparently already seen the mouse, but was currently staring at the wrong place.  Dizz was oblivv.  I moved some stuff to make it harder for the mouse to hide against one wall.  A little later I saw the mouse again.

Just a few minutes ago, Dizzy---who'd started staring where Manny was staring, as if there must be something there---saw the mouse.  He was SO excited.  I'm excited for him.  My mousers are gonna get me that mouse.  And I hope they do, and then they kill it quickly and leave its body not too chewed up & sitting somewhere I can see it and dispose of it easily.  I don't want a dead mouse hidden somewhere.  We had one of those in the warehouse at Varney's and we found it after the smell got worse and worse.  The carcass was behind a cabinet.  Guhhh-rosss!

Okay, I'm not going to the movie. I'm thinking on "proper" Midwesterners' internalized homophobia.

They're encouraging line-quoting and talking back to the screen for this screening of The Princess Bride, so I might miss stuff.  That's no way to see a film the first time, unless it's Rocky Horror or something.

The mobile notary came.  Got that stuff signed.

Now I have Before Stonewall on in the background.  It keeps making me think of how there's this "queer"-phobia in the chorus I sing with.  It's like some (vocal) people have never heard of reclaiming a slur.  Plus they seem to think that most old people---even those coming to our shows---feel the same way.  They also don't like references to sexuality, so I couldn't even refer to Hair (the musical) as having broken barriers around once-scandalous things, cuz some of these Midwestern homos find them scadalous to this day!

The other night the President of the chorus wanted to talk to me about the patter script, in which it had already been decided we would stick with the "Osqueers" theme (the show is movie songs).  So she grabbed me at break and brought me the script, on which she had numbered every occurrence of "Osqueers" with an ordinal number in a circle in the margin.  She then told me how I wasn't in the group last year so I don't know but the audience survey showed how by far most of our audience is 60-65/70 years old.  And so that's what the complainants were talking about, and they appreciate my creativity (which is actually irrelevant to the subject at hand), but we don't have to use the term so much, do we?  Like how about here, or here, or here....  Then she said---I shit you not--- that we don't need to hit people over the head with the queer AND THE LGBT stuff, do we?

I took the queer out of the bit she'll be speaking and changed it in one other place.  But then I added one back in, now that I know we do have a group of tap dancers.  The Osqueers Tappers.  Ha!  Suck my queer dick.

Another board member made up logos for the fake award show.  I wrote him to say something like watch out, we may have reclaimed that pink triangle decades ago, but you never know with this bunch.

I could go on at some length about "queer" as both an umbrella term and a particular way many people identify.  Not to mention rail against the lack of political awarenss or gratitude for those who went before us.  And such pious crap!  But I'm just gonna recall and take comfort in how that other board member referred to these late-stage complaints as lobbed-in (at us) bags of flaming poop.  It IS flaming poop.  And it's really weird to live somewhere where the queer chorus has multiple people who dare not speak our names, and think they should restrain the rest of us from doing so.