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Postcard of the Day


Bow Tie Tuesday

It was one of those mornings, so I didn't tie.  I slipped on a necklace with my clashing clothes and went out.  Only worked a few hours.  Did get the front yard mowed.  Wiped me out.  Ordered a pizza.  It was so good I could hardly stop after 3 pieces, but I did.

I'm probably still recovering from my movie marathonning.  Made it to 20 films.  Gotta come up with my top picks to reciprocate to a guy I met there, who, happily, went ahead and sent me his.  He and I were in line for a lot of the same pictures.

Deciding what to see (and when) was no small thing.  I did pretty well, though.  There are really only 2 or 3 films I didn't see and would like to and probably won't be able to catch in easy ways later.

My favorite was Amatörer (Amateurs), a Swedish film by Gabriela Pilcher (in Swedish, English, Arabic, Tamil, Kurdish, Romanian, Bosnian, and German).  The blurb:  Welcome to Lafors! A small Swedish community in desperate need of a fresh start. Hope rises when the German low-cost superstore Superbilly is considering setting up business in the area. 500 new jobs, that would change everything! Musse at the local government office gets the honour to make the commercial that will be selling Lafors. But Aida and Dana pick up the fight and turn their mobiles and selfie sticks towards everyone that isn't allowed to take part in the commercial. The battle of who has the right to tell the story of Lafors has begun.

Aida and Dana are great, and so's the film. Its sensibilities are right on.

Amateurs from LevelK on Vimeo.

My runner-up:  probably Complicity (Kei Chikaura, Japan/China), about a young Chinese guy working illegally in Japan by impersonating the person whose i.d. he bought, and taking that guy's intended gig at a traditional soba restaurant, working for the soba master.  Really nicely done.  It's a whole different kind of marvelous noodle movie from Tampopo.

Bits of/from lots of the other films come back to me now and then.  I'm still rather afloat in them.


The program of Jewish shorts is the one calling me most loudly.  But so's a nice night at home.  And yeah I'm sure there's some joke about old people in both Florida and Bermudas to be made there (Jewish shorts).  I forgo that too.  Forego.   Fore-go.  Forg; oh.

The big question tomorrow is whether to see two in the auditorium(s) of Angell Hall, or just one, followed by a drive to Royal Oak for the comedy vampire romance.  I can catch the Serbian Kaktus Kid animation documentary later if I get Bite Me in earlier.  But I'm kinda into seeing 2 in a row at the downtown theater that used to be a department store (even if Detroit proper sometimes makes me miss Baltimore, or just being a kickin'-around city dweller in tawdry old spaces with other marginal folks).

Yeah, I need today off.  I'm already at 14 screenings since Friday night.  I call caesura.

Bow Tie Tuesday

Back at work today, where I'm solidly into reruns with the ties.  Looks as if I'll see only one film today, my 11th in the festival so far.  I'm pretty fried already.  Last night I skipped the 2nd secret-revealed film after finding out it'd be Yesterday, the Danny Boyle guy-gets-famous-on-Beatles-songs fantasy that's about to get a major release.

I've seen a few I've really liked, and generally been entertained.  The only sorta-clunker I've picked so far is the in-progress film about the local alternative high school that's being made by a guy I used to know a little.  Unless it gets something of an overhaul, I don't think it'll become the documentary about one case of a type of school among other cases of similar schools---which is, I think, what it's aiming for.  It'll be a great nostalgia piece for some locals here, at least.  Hundreds of them were in attendance at that screening.

I missed the last reel or so, however, to cut over to catch one of the offerings in the Jewish Film Festival, running as part of this larger festival.  As I took my seating in the screening room full of members of that community, I felt more at home than I did among the members of the community I'd just been sitting with.  I found myself wishing I belonged among Jewish people, in some meaningful way, beyond a sort of affinity.

It's hard to explain how immersed and floaty it can feel, moving between screens over a course of several-plus days, time anchored to the starts and finishes of films.  It's a marathon I like.

Didn't find out until today, though, that Doris Day died.  In case you haven't seen it, a great Doris Day picture is behind this cut.Collapse )




Postcard of the Day


I took the plunge.

Got an all-movie pass for the (town's newer) film festival.  There are a lot of them I'd like to see, and this way I'm incentivized.  The more I see, the cheaper each one.  Plus it'd just be a shame to have a pass and not take advantage of it.

Some of the films are in a Detroit suburb, or Detroit proper (but few).  I think I'll only travel for one day, though.

I've never quite understood why, but it's exhausting to go to lots of films in a short time.  I gear up, figuratively.  Literally too if you count a water bottle.

Postcard of the Day


bird song

Squeak Up
But I wasn't raised like you

             the brown-headed cowbird might say
             if it'd heard its reputation,
             and spoke this language,
             knew dull; noisy; nuisance; parasite.

Whoever despises the gregarious

             it might go on

isn't having very much fun.  Try
gleeful squeaky gurgles in packs, and
everybody whistling.  You might be surprised.
Or put your dull brown head by the dull gray branch
with the new baby green cordates, lobed, palmates.
It will make a pretty picture if you drop that hierarchy
of colors and excitement, your paint-based sensibilities.

And on the whole kid thing, I disrupt
your family-by-blood pigeonholes, your
species-ist insistences.  Not everyone
hangs out only with their kind, and
maybe I know better than you
whether I should be the one raising my kids.

             It sounds like a chip on its shoulder
             but it's chirps, and doing the things it does,
             which is what we do too, and

Hey, I'm not criticizing you.  I bow deeply.  Let's relax
and I'll tell you about when I used to follow the buffalo,
which I don't call bison either, so we have that.  Then,
if you want, I'll give you the scoop on the hostel roost
with five million of us mixed breed flappers, full
of grass seed and weeds, and the occasional
crunchy-nutritious snail shell, all in one wild
hangout in Kentucky, just being what we are.


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