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It's Orion in long shot, in the senses of very long exposure, very far distance, very long ago light.


So astronomy, not astrology.

Apparently this week is very bad astrologically for communications.  I found this out when I was talking to Tracy about the chorus committee meeting I have tonight.

But this week is very little, astronomically.

They found Jacob Marberger.

Yep.  Dead in PA.  Shot himself in his car.

I've lost my appetite.

I know that happens to people, but it doesn't so much happen to me.

This would be an especially good time for you to ask me about free cheese, cuz I have some cheese, and no appetite.

So, I got those pictures back.

It's Friday afternoon.  Er, evening.  Working late to make up some time from long break for mammogram.  Vaguely pondering which way(s) I might go with a '70s outfit, as it's looking like the chorus will have us dress in individual variations on the theme, for part of the show.  In January.  So plenty of time to ponder.

Just about everybody else is done doing work around here for now.  And it feels later than it is, cuz it's dark out, and the lights have gone out on me again.  The motion detector doesn't see me.  Must be cuz old women are invisible.

So, yeah, the other day I got back the pix from that camera I found in the back of the piano.  I got 'em out into the car and took a look.  The first one was of Holly's sister, at a table in a floral/Hawaiian print shirt.  Then a bunch of partying, dancing and swimming members of that family, plus Olja, also kind of luaued.  I'd forgotten Holly'd taken Olja to Ohio and I didn't come with, perhaps pointedly not invited.  It may have been an anniversary party for Liz and Bert, before he got prostate cancer and dumped.  They're dancing in a couple of oddly staged shots.  Liz is Holly's mother.  Here's a shot that seems a lot like her:

old camera liz and o.jpg

Then the rest of the old ones are from the early stages of moving in to the house.  I have pictures on my work computer of the floor refinishing just before that; these show boxes and furniture, and my old cat Chester.

old camera Chet stretch.jpg

It was 2003.

The next morning (the morning after looking at the pictures, not the morning after 2003) I was thinking how I came into that place with a lot of old stuff, drug along from the past, and some of it still not dispensed with.  But I'm dealing with it.  And a lot of it I have dealt with.  I dunno.  It hit me in a way that was quite sympathetic to myself.  This is good.

Finally, there are the few shots I took this fall to use up the film.  My dog.  (My) Bert in his Piggly Wiggly shirt.  Bert in his Piggly Wiggly shirt and my dog.  The one from when I dropped the camera, which caught the racing-stripe duct tape I use to hold the weather stripping more-or-less in place in my car door (after multiple gluings and re-gluings).  And then this shot, out front at my place, which is the best of the lot, its colors pink-purply distorted by the aged film, looking like a painting:

old camera autumn yard 2015 sm.jpg

A time capsule is a fun thing.  Especially on the later/opening end.

Just having glossy prints of pictures in a little paper envelope thingie is like being in a time warp right there.

tomorrow's post today

So I won't have to remember to do it tomorrow, and so that we can drive our big crazy watermelon car into Hallowe'en together, ...

Halloween watermelon car.jpg

Yeah, I was saving this one for last, cuz I love it.

Are those squash wheels?  Moreover, dig the headlights!

Happy Hallowe'en to all y'all.

5allowe'en Cards

Halloween cards.jpg          


Merry, merry scarecrow

Halloween merry scarecrow.jpg                               


It's coming.

Halloween balloon.jpg                        

We started work on a Trumpkin at the office today.  Some of the de-seeded guts are now drying inside his giant head, and will become his hair before the office gathering on Friday.


Halloween husband getting

If only someone'd told me
When I was but a lass,
I could have witchly lured in
My piece of husband ass.

Halloween ball of string.jpg


Halloween bachelor warning.jpg

Flee bachelors flee
If you would single stay,
Tis Hallowe'en eve,
The witches wedding day.


the gate stealing tradition

I guess there was once a gate stealing tradition.  Maybe it died out with the popularity of gates.  Or the cracking down on vandalism.

Halloween gate 2.jpg

Halloween gate 1.jpg


Friday afternoon bonus Hallowe'en postcard

That bird is freakin' out.

Halloween with startled bird.jpg                                


another way to get your apples

How kinky is this image, scale of 1-10?
(The last answer is supposed to read "So do the looks on the faces ...".)
(And I forgot the 1-10 scale, so if you wanna give it a number, you'll have to comment. :) I'll say "3 at most".)

Poll #2025796 How kinky, I ask you?

So, yeah, how kinky is this picture?

a little kinky
It's sorta kinky, the tied hands.
She looks sleepy.
She looks bored.
Hey, those last two answers aren't especially about kinkiness.
I want an apple.
It's not kinky.
I would never have thought of kinkiness looking at this old postcard.
I too might have thought a bit about kinkiness looking at this old postcard.
So the looks on the faces of the Jacks o'Lantern count?

Halloween hanging apple.jpg


started watching the Harry Potters, in order

ABC Family, which is going to become some-other-named network soon, played them all the other day, and I made room on the DVR.  I think I saw 2 or 3 of them when they came out.  Early ones.  I read only the first book, and I'm not sure I read it all.

In the first movie, this time, my favorite thing was Dumbledore talking to Harry about the Mirror of Erised.

I sent the camera off.

It'll take about two weeks, and they'll call me when it's back.  A photo CD is included free, and "your negatives will NOT be returned to you"---I wonder what all went into that decision.

I forgot to get more hydrogen peroxide, to have on hand in case I need to make the dog barf, and for whatever else one has hydrogen peroxide around for.

The last two pix snapped by accident.

One this morning when I dropped the camera, one midday in my pocket (where the camera was) as I fished for change for a parking meter (old-school meter).  Both occasions made me laugh.  I guess I shouldn'ta advanced the film until I was ready to photograph.  Remember advancing the film?  I like advancing the film.
It says it should be developed by some date in 2005.  Did you know you can still get film-film developed at some drug stores?  You can.  I don't know why I say film-film.  One film is probably enough, the same.  Cuz the phone doesn't have film.

The camera had 7 shots left.  I took a few today and will knock off the others, and then see what if anything comes out.  I do wonder what the heck else might be on there.

They found a glow-in-the-dark sea turtle.

That is very cool.

Glow-in-the-dark is cool.  Turtles are cool.  Bio-glow-in-the-dark is cool.  Finding new things in the sea is cool.  Swimming with big paw feet and having a shell are cool.  Hanging out around reefs is cool.  Turning up new kinds of creatures is cool.  The way you just know we're all related with our limbs and our heads and our eyeballs is cool.

back to it

After a week off work I now realize I had decompressed notably.  I realize this cuz getting back to it has a compression to it.  Or a recompression.

Not to be confused with a recombobulation.

Just wrote a weirdly frank message.  Tell ya about it later maybe.

Chorus to-nite.
and you don't have to take the dog in for that, late on a thursday, and that's really nice to hear.

i had a fairly physical day, here on the next-to-last day of my week off work.  sure has been beautiful outside.

hope to get to sleep earlier tonight.  tossed and turned last night for hours.

anyway, good news about the grape stems.
Livejournal was out just when I wanted to type here.  So I noodled around and read Captain Awkward and now it's back.

I'm being a grown-up today and having professional tree service people do tricky dangerous labor (and clean-up) for me for hundreds of dollars.  They're whirring away out there.  The dog has been interested in them but is starting to get bored with it.

I got notification of a comment to a post from a few years ago about my former --- I don't even know how to describe the relationship between us.  About Dan, who had just died, and was the ex-husband of my sister-in-law, and the father to what I think are my step niece and nephew.  If my brother marrying somebody creates that relationship.  Funny thing is, I was all forthright in the post about weird family stuff, and I guess it was a public post.  I don't think I'd have done that now.  I know my brother is so way not in my world that he'd not be reading it, and it's not exactly scandalously untrue, though I did tell of this sort of potentially hurtful term Dan and another dead person used to use for incongruous or oddly arbitrary brain-fart kinda things my sister-in-law would say.  It's funny mainly cuz it's a pun, but it's not funny cuz they were making fun of her.  The older I get the more I fall on the not-funny side because why we gotta say shit about each other?  Especially when it's not like some ongoing conflict or frustration or fight is going on?

I may get myself a new dresser before real long, but I'll keep using the one I have now for at least a while longer, so today I'm chipping out old cracked pink paper lining most of the drawers.  My mother must've put it there years ago.  This is the dresser that was in my room when I was a kid.

Got the original cast recording of Fun Home out of the library.  There aren't a lot of catchy sing-along kinda songs, but there are fun Jackson 5 and Partridge Family style numbers, and the amazingly touching & funny Ring of Keys, and the fun (I'm) Changing My Major (to Joan [I'm Changing My Major to Sex With Joan with a Minor in Kissing Joan]).

A squirrel seems to have moved into a hole in the side of my house.  I may have to sit outside and watch the hole for a while to see it go out again so I can, like, duct tape over the entrance.  I hate to deprive the rodent of its stash, but better that than closing it up inside, or than having it eat its way into the interior of my closet.  Or die in there.  There's hedge trimming to do nearby.  Maybe I can do that while I keep an eye on the place.  Or concoct a one-way door it can exit by but not go back in.  That's the best idea, I think.  Mostly cuz I get to cogitate on how I could execute it.

There goes another big branch.  I should remember to tell Tracy to thank George for lighting a fire under me to get this done.  It'll be a load off my mind.  My mind likes having fewer loads, a less heaving total mass of load, etc.

Hey, I finally got my new glasses.  :)

"You have to think for both of us"

I skipped (well, held off) (it's on the DVR) watching the end of Back to the Future III (which one I'd not seen before) to get the dog a brief adventure this afternoon, and this evening I skipped (held off on) finishing up a stage within today's stages of my tidying project to go into town for the annual Labor Day screening (free to students) of Casablanca.  I'd seen most of Casablanca again as recently as earlier this year, tho I didn't go to the outdoor showing at Top of the Park, as I imagined at one point that I might.  But wot the hell, wot the hell.

The theater was packed enough that it was warm and I didn't need the long sleeves I'd brought along despite having had a hard time believing on this hot day that I might need 'em.  I'd spent most of the day in not a lot of clothing, sweating.  Got a big tub of popcorn for dinner.  Russ was there to introduce the film, and our organ player (Steven Warner) played a little tag just before the film started, from the Marseillaise.  It's the other super-catchy tune in the movie.

Anyway, I'm finally old enough really to understand Rick, and what's going on, and what drives the plot besides the great cause of fighting evil.  IRL, contemporarily, there's rarely anything we can actually join in, like that great cause.  I've been listening to audio of The People's History of the U.S. in the car recently, hearing of resistance, knowing it's dormant here at best, for many many of us.  But politics aside, where would Rick be if Laszlo were just some guy?  Even a nice guy?  Of course then I guess there wouldn't be such thinking needed, Ilsa would probably say.  Or maybe she wouldn't.

Nobody wants to have to do the thinking.

I do like that thing about how they got back Paris.  I do like that thing.

It was good to be in town tonight.  It was good to go be among people, even strangers, after days with much solitude.  And it's good to note where we are in time, as Russ pointed out from the stage before the film, stopping short of "Auld Lang Syne" but we all knew what he was talking about.  Labor Day is the last day of the old year, after all.  And here we are.  Taking in the big breath.

Happy new year, y'all.
It is a strange day today.  Things seem surreal.  I feel floaty.

After work I'm going to a casual gala.  More galas should be casual.
It's so quiet at the office this week.  It's even easy to park on the street.

Starnes wants me to come see her.  And bring the dog.  It's hard to imagine.  I've got tree service folks coming to give me an estimate soon-ish, and figure I'd better wait for the blow of that expense before I begin to think of leaving town for any real trip.  Not to mention I have all manner of stuff to do here, and it's coming into my favorite season (boy is it nice out there today),  But I have it in my head again to make a quick jaunt, with good timing, because I think it's bad for me not to leave the county for, like, years at a time.  Bad for my health.  My spiritual health.

Meanwhile, I'm metabolizing.

Saw some wimmin last night I've known for quite a while.  Came away feeling like quite the free agent, independent operator, unmoored soul, soveriegn nation, unfettered engenderer.  As well as person with stains on her shirt.  As I left I ran into another woman, this one one I've known only in a parking lot, and soon she detected the arrival of one I hadn't met but had heard tell of.  The two tried to get me to defect to their contingent, and to stay and drink with them.  But I got gas and went home.  Such was the choice of this free agent.

Word of the Day: metabolize

I've got an eye on the weather.  Cuz I've got an option on the afternoon off, for going to float in a lake.  Warm and not entirely sunny are just right, and it looks like rain's mostly gonna hold off.