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... sent off cheek swabs from my dog for DNA analysis.  I was prompted/inspired by a livejournal friend whose dog resembled my dog in many ways, and has recently died.  The livejournal friend was going to do that dog's analysis, and you may recall how my dog was sick lately, and that was scary, and I just got to thinking that if I'm ever gonna find out what breeds went into her, for curiosity, I might as well do it soon, and maybe I'd even better do it soon, cuz you never know how long an animal's gonna be keeping you company (or vice versa).  And I am curious.  And so what if the recent vet bills and the cost of a (pending) new phone have strained my finances recently.  So what.  I'm finding out.  And so what if that means I'm spending money on something I'd previously thought of (and still half do) as indulgent and kinda crazily wasteful.  So freakin' what.

Lu looks a lot like a retriever of some sort, particularly a flat coated retriever, but who knows.  That may be an accident of the mix in her.  Something makes her neck spotty-mottled.  Something makes her head a little skinny.  Something makes her a little smaller than most retrievers.  The goldenness of Goldens is recessive, so she could even get her retrievery looks from one of those.  Dog park people tend to think she may have some border collie or other herding dog in her.  One vet thought maybe some setter.  Occasional passers-by think spaniel.  She was a pup in Louisiana, so possibly there's a Cajun heritage.  (That's a joke.)  (Yeah, a dumb joke.)  (     )

The weather is gorgeous.  When I go outside I want to (and do!) stick my arms out to feel the air on more surfaces of me.  It's just a shade shy of "crisp".  Mid- to high 60s, F°, partly cloudy, just a little breezy, about 35% humidity.  I still like a hat to keep the bright sun outta my face, and shade is still better than sun.  But it's just kinda great out there.  It really is.

Being able to appreciate the weather must mean I'm doing okay.  I've been sleeping a good bit better, knock on somethin'.  I'm still less energetic than I'd like to be, and I haven't gotten all my environs all just so, and mortality looms around every corner.  Yet here I am in this moment, writing to you.

Postcard of the Day pending.  :)

Postcard of the Day

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Postcard of the Day

Yes, the Postcards of the Day have had a theme recently, you may've noticed.  My dog was sick, and I got all-about-the-dog for a stretch there.  She seems to be better now, which is a big relief, but I have a few more dog postcards to get through.  Hang in there, peteralway --- I'm pretty sure you'll like at least a couple of my pending subjects more than you like doggies.  (Not that it would take much....  ;) )
I've got this review to copy edit of a funny autobiographical book by a mathematician.  It's going to be unusually fun to work on this one because it's largely stuff of (a) life, with some of the stuff of math thrown in.  (And, y'know, most of the text I work on is stuff of math, stuff of math, and more stuff of math.)  After our original choice of reviewer didn't respond (and kept the book) one of our own mathematician editors wrote the review himself, noting that he'd reviewed it from a pdf of the text, in case the copy ed wants to verify the quotations, and I'm like yeah, sure, the copy ed wants to, can you share that pdf, Andrés?  And he did, and so I'm checking the first few and there I am in the intro, and the author is telling jokes.  Turns out he's taking every opportunity to digress as he damn well feels like it, and why not, he's 97, he's telling his story, he started out professionally as a magician, he's an interesting dude.  Why shouldn't his book show it.

Anyway, I'm gonna have to make an effort not to read the whole thing on the clock, but I wanted to share here a section of the intro that had me chuckling about selfishness, which often isn't a laugh to me, so it feels especially good:

Speaking of policemen, ... Collapse )

See, that's funny because...  or, you know, those are funny partly because of (in addition to the unexpected frankness of what's spoken) what's left out, presumptions-wise, that isn't usually left out (so: [more] surprise!).  Like haha! we're not all walking around with a premise like (to put it pseudo-mathily) "Given that the set of social niceties $\{{\rm sn}\: \text{we look out for others too}\}$ holds, ...".  And that's funny cuz we're supposed to be doing that (looking out for others too), and most people are at least pretending to be doing that, and it's good (to me) that we don't always do what we're supposed to be doing, but it'd be good if people really were (as part of a balanced diet) doing that one more, and it's really refreshing to have the obviousness of their simple motivation in their dramatically not doing it pointed out that way.

Yeah, I know if you have to explain why it's funny it's not as funny.  This isn't that.  This is the combo of wondering why it's funny and finding it funny to analyze why things are funny that I used to get into with one of the first exceptionally self-interested people I have loved, plus a little reflection on what part of me and my perspective and experience would be so deeply tickled by those jokes, their theme.  (I especially like the asparagus one, and could give you further analysis there, but let's stop this already.)

Recently I've been rewatching "Mad Men", and Bert Cooper (Robert Morse) (who you just know was cast cuzza being in How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying) keeps recommending Ayn Rand to the risingly self-interested.  Somehow it's almost charming when he does it.

And now I've used all my break to write this instead of reading more of the book.  D'oh!

Postcard of the Day



Postcard of the Day

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