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That life-is-short feeling.

When somebody up and dies all of a sudden, or dies not all of a sudden, like, just dies, and then is no more, there's that perspective aspect that makes me think it should somehow fix a lot of stupid bullshit and whatever keeps us from enjoying each other.  Sometimes it does do something like that, after all.  It's such a wake-up slap in the face or dousing with cold water or other snap-out-of-it metaphor, showing the Big Picture, pointing out our acute fragility, reminding all around of one big and hard thing we all have to deal with, and thus are connected over, and through.  The pervasiveness of loss.  The looming temporariness of everything, and along with it the urge to appreciate and enjoy what we have while we have it, more, better, with the focus that a sense of urgency brings to bear.  The perspective thing of geez-we're-all-gonna-be-dead-too I-could-lose-any-of-these-people-any-time and I-also-shall-up-and-die-who-knows-how-soon-could-be-today--- it is stirred, on top of the sadness and shock at the loss and goneness of the person who just died.

Maybe it doesn't fix anything, or really make us value each other, and act like it, like I want it to.  Doesn't it totally seem like it should?  It totally should.  If that can't do it, can anything?  If that can't do it, does that mean it's not a problem, cuz it doesn't have a solution, so whatever it is it's just got to be accepted?  I object! I object to that.  And I object to death!  Je proteste!

Object with all your might, and so what.  Nature is, famously, indifferent.  Flatly indifferent.

We'd even rather she were mad at us, like because of how shitty we're treating her, than this utter indifference.  And her indifference is nothing next to that of our fellows.  Our dear fellows.  Which death should damn well fix, if you ask me.  If death is gonna suck like it sucks (and it is), it should damn well fix that.
Just got my Jeep back, after two weeks in a loaner Civic.  MY is it nicer to be driving my vehicle.  It still needs the actual new bumper (on backorder) but the underneath work is done.  It may sound a little nutty, but I really missed it.  Maybe instead of the big laundry focus I had in mind for the weekend, I'll drive somewhere and back.

Is there an app that lets you throw a dart at a map?  There oughta be.  This is an important use of maps.

Hmmm.  There's this:  http://www.geomidpoint.com/random/ But virtual dart throwing needs graphics.  Go ahead and steal the idea to get [modestly] rich[er], someone.  I just want the app.  Note for developer--- Of course it should let you set the perimeters you want, but there should always be a certain chance you'd miss the map entirely.  Or the globe/planet.

sun goes down in an hour

I'm leaving work early to be outside. 55F feels balmy.  Been out in a T-shirt so far (plus a scarf).

Was gonna tell y'all about this Atlantic article I was reading about Trump and the practice of taking the bait.  Maybe later.  Solis fugit.

Can't sleep.

Bad idea to look at phone. Did it anyway. Too long.


Postcard of the Day


hadn't used the pastry board in a long time

              pastry board smaller.jpg

They came out well:

sweet potato biscuits smaller.jpg


There's a new Dykes to Watch Out For.

See it here:


Old-school linking for extra throwback feel.

Now unnecessary alternate links here.Collapse )

I feel a fondness.  The fondness of far away.  The fondness of love still there.  I give it to you by pointing you there.

I also feel the feeling of remembering how not alone I am, in remembering that there were so many others, and there was a sense of solidarity with them, and we were so not alone, when things were bad before.  This may be a new and different kind of bad, for a while or for a long time, but I won't be alone.

I was making oatmeal cookies earlier tonight.  Had to clean off the stove, and then clean it out a little (some last-winter burning something was in there when I tried to heat it up), and open up the house to clear the smoke, and it still feels good with a little cold-outside coming in on my toplessness, while chunks of sweet potatoes are boiling.  I'm going to try to make sweet potato biscuits tomorrow.  Just from some internet recipe this time.  No need to put too fine a point on it.


Postcard of the Day


Postcard of the Day

Ad astra per aspera.
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Postcard of the Day

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