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So it's suddenly dark out there, greenish deep gray, and rumbly, and the air in here feels strangely cool.

Friday afternoon at the office is a whole thing for me, it seems.  Storms are exciting, though, in a good way.  Diverting.  Helping hold me in the moment.  Embrace, enfold, gently hug me in the moment.

I still don't understand what I still don't understand, which is a why, and sometimes I can't stop thinking how it's not right.  [Complicated emoticon that hasn't been invented yet, and the wish for a co-inventor.]

I reckon the latest David Zinn is probably almost washed away already, from the sidewalk out front.  He was out there drawing it about 22 1/2 hours ago.  Knowing full well, one can bet, that this little fella would be especially ephemeral:

See the artist behind here...Collapse )

Postcard of the Day


Tried to talk to the tulips and daffodils.

"No, not yet!"

But the days in a row of Springlikeness seem to've coaxed them to peek out.

It's so weird.
Now I think I'll go get some ice cream from Washtenaw Dairy, and then maybe drive out to the truck stop to get some Popeyes onion rings, and see if they're as spicy-tasty as I remember them being, and maybe go into that west-side Meijer's's and walk around and look at stuff.  Or do somethin' else that's not exactly on the way home.  Anyway I think I won't go watch Arrival at the Quality 16 after all.  I'm not feeling it.  I'm feeling more the kickin' around.  Before the faux Spring slides back away.

Postcard of the Day


Galley Bee

We're having a galley bee today.  Almost wrap-up time.  Had pizza.  It's fun.  Not everyone seems to enjoy, as much as I do, ringing the antique hotel bell with every 5 galleys turned in.

It's really nice outside.  I'm about to get out there into that.

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"What was once thought cannot be unthought."

-- Möbius, The Physicists


"The moment of change is the only poem."

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